Monday, July 4, 2011

canada day long weekend

Friday ... I wasn't feeling 100% on Friday. Couldn't quite put my finger on it but just wasn't feeling up to doing much of anything so Lexxus and I vegged out on the family room and finished season 2 of Gilmore Girls. Cannot wait until season 3 is ready for me to pick up! Chad worked a half a day on Friday and when he got home we had to go into Walnut Grove for a bit. Then we had dinner at Ocean Park and home to watch this Chad pick before going to bed early ...

Saturday ... I went for a long bike ride in the morning after breakfast and when I got back, Cory, Stacey and the twins were over for a visit. What a treat. I can't get enough of those little monsters. They stayed for about an hour and then I went to Ralph's to get our weekly fruit and veggies. Home to clean and cut all my groceries and then I had just enough time to hop in the shower before heading to Rob and Alli's for a fun BBQ with their friends, Colin and Carolyn and all the kids. Chad couldn't get enough of playing with Peyton and Parker and Austin and Jaxon definitely stole the evening! A little bit of excitement with a dog going through the fence and a lot of fireball drinking but all in all - a great night to catch up with old friends!

Sunday ... Chad was (of course) working on the house all day yesterday so I ventured into Burnaby to visit Grandma B. We had a lovely visit while her and the ladies at her table had their lunch. Then I helped her sort out her clothes and now her older clothes that don't fit anymore are on their way to charity. I ran into Metrotown to the Disney Store to see if I could find anything fun for Ms. Ella's birthday but came out empty handed :( Then I grabbed a veggie burrito from Taco Time and hit the road back to Langley. Went to Willowbrook and dropped off my rings to get them sautered together and to get it re-appraised for insurance purposes. Another $100 down the drain ... why the heck does everything seem to cost $100 these days?? Then I went to Chapters but started to feel ill again (not sure what is going on - have had a headache for a week now) so I went back home and had a nice, long nap. I woke up and Chad and I watched this movie ...
It was pretty cute but Chad fell asleep part way through. After the movie I woke him up and he made BBQ chicken and pasta salad for dinner. Y.U.M.M.Y. Hello summer! After dinner Chad went back to his puttering ways so I put in this movie that I recently grabbed from the library ...
I was avoiding watching this movie because I thought it was going to be hokey (for lack of a better word) but I was dead wrong. I really enjoyed this movie and was sad to see it come to an end which is something I haven't been able to say about a movie in a really long time. Then it was time for bed and another week!

How did your long weekend go? We seriously lacked in the actual Canada celebrations this weekend - did you get up to anything spectacular and patriotic?

PS - Happy 4th of July to all my U.S. friends and family!

PSS - I finished this audiobook on my way to Grandma's and I HIGHLY recommend it! I wonderful love and life story told through letters, emails and other written correspondence. I don't know how this would translate into paperback form but I loved the audio version! On my way to the library now to get my next treat :)

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