Tuesday, May 13, 2014

recently // may 2014

Making // time for more walks with the kiddo.
Cooking // this pasta dish for dinner.
Drinking // too many energy drinks.
Reading // blogs but would like to get back to reading novels again sometime soon.
Wanting // to try a Fitbit bracelet but not sure if it is worth the investment?!
Looking // into alternatives to cow's milk for when the babe turns 1.
Playing // soccer again and it feels SO GOOD!
Watching // too much Real Housewives drama.
Wishing // that I didn't have to go back to work in 5 months. Yikes!
Enjoying // Charlotte - all day, every day.
Liking // that I am making money by selling our used items on Facebook. Genius!
Wondering // why I didn't start selling things on Facebook sooner?
Loving // our little family of 3.
Hoping // that we are going to have more sunny days than rainy ones soon.
Marvelling // at the fact that Charlotte has her first tooth.
Needing // sunshine. It makes such a big difference to my day.
Smelling // flowers on our walks.
Wearing // my new fluorescent orange hoody and loving that the hot hues are back in stores.
Following // the Stanley Cup play-offs. My husband doesn't really give me a choice.
Noticing // that Charlotte desperately wants to crawl but I am okay if she waits a while longer.
Knowing // that my life is amazing.
Thinking // about what I want to do with this blog.
Feeling // happy.
Giggling // at Charlotte's new trick - scrunching up her nose when she is frustrated.

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