Tuesday, November 26, 2013

it truly is the little things that matter most

Before I had Charlotte, I had a bunch of blog posts saved in my drafts folder so I'm going to go back to some of these and finish them. If my posts seem a bit all over the place for the next little why, I apologize. Just want to get back on track and start posting about my new journey with little Ms. Charlotte.
On September 25th, my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Before I got married I said that I would celebrate my wedding anniversaries to the fullest each and every year. I wanted to go away on a trip with my husband every year to celebrate. This has not happened. We didn't even go on a proper honeymoon - just road tripped for a few days to Oregon and back. It was wonderful but I do still need to save for and plan an amazing, tropical trip away for just hubby and I. One day! :)
This year I was 8 months pregnant and getting ready to go on maternity leave so I knew we weren't going to do anything extravagant. In fact, we didn't plan anything - we already said no presents and I was going to make Indian for dinner and we were just going to stay home and watch a movie. But while I was coming home for work I thought, "Screw that!" - I am so not cooking so we hopped in the truck and headed to the pub down the street for 1/2 price appies and entrees (we have coupon cards from my soccer team so win/win for us)! No - it wasn't super romantic and yes - husband was still in his work clothes but it was very US and it was nice to have a nice dinner, just the two of us to celebrate just the two of us before we become three.
Excuse the horrible photos. I was so pregnant so I was trying not to attract anymore attention to myself by taking too many photos out in the open!
We didn't do gifts this year because we knew how tight our budget was going to be once maternity leave hit, and husband never does cards anyways but I woke up to a unique love message in the morning ...
50% off at the pub down the street ... why the heck not on a Wednesday night?!
The waitress was so sweet. Husband asked if they had any non-alcoholic bubbly and she said no, but brought me a complimentary ginger ale in a champagne glass. After taking a big whiff of husbands highball, I enjoyed my pregnancy friendly beverage very much.

Handsome husband first and soon to be daddy. We had no idea at this point what was in store for us!
I tried everything to flip this photo but when I viewed it in my photo file, it shows it in the upright position but when I use it, it always switches to this view. Weird. Anywho ... tilt your head to the right and here I am - my last selfie at 8 months pregnant.
It truly is the little things that matter in life! How do you celebrate your anniversaries with your loved ones?

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