Tuesday, March 19, 2013

today i am loving

That pillow case. That face. That smile. Love!

Must remember this at the darkest of times.

A year ago at my Grandma Donnelly's memorial. My mom's side of the family (Chad is taking the photo). So much love here.

My Aunt in California sent me this photo of my dad. How I miss him right now at this time in my life. xo

Well, it's not!

A little late wishing Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday but this is one of my favourite sayings of all time.

A thank you pic from Ms. Julia in Hong Kong after she received our belated birthday gift. Hugs to you and your sister Ella!

My sister-in-law Stacy, my niece Sidney and nephew Chance are back safe and sound from their 6 week trip to Thailand. If this photo is any indication, I would say they had a good time wouldn't you?

What are you loving today? xo


  1. It's crazy how much Tom looks like your dad! He'd be really proud of you, hun! :) Love you!


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