Wednesday, March 20, 2013

make-up time!

I have been on a healthy product kick for quite some time now (as evident here). I thought I would try a few bareMinerals products because they are chemical free and I have heard some really good things about them from friends. I placed an order through Sephora and this is what I think so far:

I have oil skin and a dry nose - makes for a really hard combination to purchase skincare products for. I use Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets like they are going out of style some days. I was using Prime Time with a MAC foundation brush last week and didn't notice much of a difference but today I just squeezed a small amount into my palm and rubbed it on my face as I would any lotion. Let it set for a bit and then went about my routine. Seems to have helped. Haven't used an oil sheet today and although I am not looking as fresh as I do in the morning, I don't look like there's been an oil spill on my face either.

I was looking for a rival blush to my favourite: Nars Orgasm. After a quick Google search I found that bareMinerals loose blush powder in Vintage Peach was the ticket. I hated loose powder before and unfortunately I still do. Too hard to get the perfect amount and either I don't look like I have any on or else I look like I'm sparkle queen Barbie. Will work with this because a) it is expensive and b) it is really pretty in the pot. Any tips out there to share about using loose powder blush? I would love to hear them!

Unfortunately with my oily face comes oily eyelids which means by the middle of the day, any effort I've made to make my eyes look pretty is all squished up in the crease of my eyelid. I still have a MAC product that I use as an eye shadow base (and I am sad to say that I love it) but wanted to give a more organic option a try. And the verdict is ... it's okay. Like I said before I LOVE my MAC product but still on the hunt for the perfect non-chemical to replace it once and for all. Oh MAC and Nars- how I would love you if you weren't filled with horrible chemicals!

And because it was my birthday in February (when I originally ordered these products) I got my birthday gift from Sephora. Again - full of chemicals so I can't use forever and highly do not recommend but ... They're Real! Mascara is the best! If anyone has any natural mascara suggestions I would love hear them as well!

Have you made the switch to chemical free products? I would love to hear what you love - moving on to hair products next and already finding that a challenge. Thank you friends! xo

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