Monday, March 18, 2013


My hubby and I went out for a date night recently. This is the first in a while because I haven't been feeling 100% lately (hence - the lack of posts on my blog). I was hesitant but sucked it up - he has been a trooper and supportive (as much as his male genes will allow him - ha ha) so I wanted to make sure we got up to something fun ... and got out of the house.

We had dinner at Viva Mexico in Langley on the Fraser Highway one-way. Husband has been craving Mexican lately so went there. So much better in the summer because they have their big front windows open to their patio but anytime is usually a good time - good food and a good atmosphere. I have read a lot of reviews about poor service but I think it is a family that runs the restaurant and we have always had awesome service - super attentive and answered all of our questions. Chad always wants the biggest meal on the menu and the waiter gave him a few options. Yes - he was full and yes - he brought some home with him :)

I hate it when places don't have a website but here's some information.

We started with Jalepeno Poppers. Husband LOVES these so I had 2 and he gobbled up the rest of the plate.

Not the actual poppers but they looked very similar to these. Photo via.

Chad and I both ordered burritos.

I had a burrito dish that looked very similar to this but with one burrito. It was delicious! 

After a couple of Duseci beers for Chad, we went to Colossus Movie Theater in Walnut Grove and watched "Oz: The Great and Powerful".

We purchased the best seats in the house ahead of time in the UltraAVX theater. We hadn't seen a movie in this theater before and were really excited about more room, the lean back chairs and being able to pre-select our seats - no having to get there an hour before just to get a decent seat. Would I pay extra for the Ultra AVX? The only luxury I really enjoyed was being able to pre-select our seats. I enjoyed the tilting back of my chair but I needed a footstool because when I went all the way back, I couldn't touch the ground so I just swung back to the regular seated position -and I am far from a shorty. :)

The movie was awesome. I had heard mixed reviews going into it but it had great effects, the ladies (witches) were amazing and I was a huge fan of the porcelain girl - amazing effects with that one. The only downfall (and I hate to agree with everyone else) was James Franco. He didn't fit. The role was MADE for Johnny Depp and every time they showed Franco and his "super-wide-hollywood-makes-zero-sense-in-the-role" grin, I couldn't help but feel a bit sad that it wasn't Johnny's talent that was taking up the big screen.

All in all a night filled with yummy food + great company + an entertaining flick = a good night out with my man. Two thumbs up! :)

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