Monday, October 29, 2012

food, inc.

I've had Food, Inc. on my 'must watch' list for a while now and last night I finally got around to it. I had recently watched a few reviews of the movie as well as read parts of The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan who is one of the stars of Food, Inc. and it all had me really, REALLY curious. Exactly where does our food come from? And that is the question that this documentary tried to answer.

There were many graphic images throughout the documentary that had me physically covering my eyes from time to time. Did the facts make me want to become a vegetarian? No. Did the facts make me want to be better educated about the food that I am putting in to my body? Yes. Did the facts make me want to make more organic and fresh food choices for me and my family? HELL YES! I don't want BUSINESS to rule my health, my food and my choices. I want that control. Keep in mind that this is 100% American but really - I can see how these corporate choices effect all of North America. Watch it - listen - learn. Every time I watch a new documentary, it makes me think and explore and learn new things ... Food, Inc. will do this in relation to what you buy at the supermarket during your next visit. Guaranteed.

Here is an excerpt from CBC's introduction to Food, Inc.
They reveal how a handful of corporations control our nation's food supply. Though the companies try to maintain the myth that our food still comes from farms with red barns and white picket fences, our food is actually raised on massive "factory farms" and processed mega industrial plants. The animals grow fatter faster and are designed to fit the machines that slaughter them. Tomatoes are bred to be shipped without bruising and to stay edible for months. The system is highly productive, and Americans are spending less on food than ever before. But at what cost?

And I really want to be friends with Joel Salatin of Polyface - one of the interviewees in Food, Inc. and in my mind, an absolute genius!

Happy and healthy eating friends!

P.S. I also recently watched Religulous - a documentary about the ridiculous stories behind today's 'organized religions'. It pretty much blew my mind and had me second guessing a lot of things that I have just took as truth my whole life. It is worth the watch (as long as you can take it with a grain of salt and don't take religion - or God - too seriously).

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