Wednesday, October 24, 2012

around here ...

I just finished listening to this audiobook and although it wasn't my favourite Kristin Hannah story, it definitely had a enough twist and turns in the relationships of the characters to keep me interested.

I am currently more than half way through Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I am gobbling it up like I've starved myself for a year. I cannot put it down. It is as interesting and good as everyone says it is. Holy sociopaths people! It makes me think how many regular, Joe blow, every day people out there are actually nut jobs! I wish I didn't have soccer practice tonight so I could go straight home and curl up in bed and read. It is that good. Check it out ... perfect time of the year for a chilly, crazy read :)

If you know me even a little bit you know that a) I love holidays and b) Halloween is by far my favourite holiday. This year we don't have any set plans but I am enjoying all the photos, ideas and posts out there in the blog world about the spooky holiday. Cannot wait until I have kids so I can dress them up (I will dress up with them of course), decorate the house and create Halloween traditions. So fun!

I am working on this. Everyday I am working on this.

Loving this and feeling inspired and ... more than enough.

Happy hump day friends. Enjoy the middle of the week. It isn't Friday but it is still good! xo

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