Friday, September 14, 2012

recently ...

A random DVD that Chad brought home from work. Don't ask - ha ha! Whenever I see Ali Larter in a movie, I am really just waiting to see the whipped cream bikini. All I see is Varsity Blues. 100%. And Beyonce - oh Beyonce ... sing girl. Sing, sing, SING your heart out. But please don't act. Pretty please ... with a cherry on top of that good old whipped cream bikini. Thank you. Your singing fans.

This was a random pick up from the library. I am a sucker for any and all soccer movies. The acting was pretty lame but hey - it's a soccer movie people! At least the lead actor was cute :)

This is my most recent audibook listen and I LOVED IT! It is an adorable story and a must read (or listen) for anyone who loves a good piece of a chick lit. And if you are like me and enjoy books based around cooking - the descriptions of food throughout the book will just add to the fun! Enjoy!

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