Monday, July 30, 2012

august goals

I feel like I just did this yesterday for July. Honestly ... where does the time go? I guess it is flying by because I am having such a good time :)

August Goals:
  1. Continue going to my Monday night appointments. (More on this in a future post.)
  2. Finish a jewelry project I have been working on for a friend's birthday.
  3. Save enough money to replace our front window.
  4. Start and finish reading the book 'Boundaries'.
  5. Visit my Grandma at least twice.

Goal Updates:
  1. Start working on Legare's MOH speech.
    • Have not started but do have it on my list and have some very fun ideas for a starting point.
  2. Create summer photo albums as gifts for two very special people in my life.
    • Have purchased supplies but have not physically started working on this project. I feel okay about this as these are Christmas gifts so I have time.
  3. Brainstorm for an on-going creative project.
    • Haven't figured out an 'on-going' project but have been working on a few different things here and there so I feel really good about that. Lots of ideas floating through my head - now it is just time to start executing those ideas!
  4. Figure out my work social media plan (schedule, tools, reports, etc).
  5. Book some time off to work around the house.
    • I just talked to the girls in the office about booking the last week of August off. A week of doing a lot of nothing here I come.
On-Going Goals:
I decided to put some of my previous goals into an on-going goals list because they aren't something that I can accomplish overnight (let alone over a month). This is what I continue to work on:
  1. Eat more slowly, say grace and think before eating.
  2. Brainstorm more ways to use my organizational skills for a possible career choice.
  3. Work on a craft project per week.
  4. Get back to making jewelry.  Supplies purchased and a project is in the works!
  5. Get my recipe project in order and start cooking them!

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