Friday, November 23, 2012

catching up

I have been so busy and so sick. Beyond words sick but I am feeling better and am super grateful for my health! Haven't spent much time on here and hate that because I was on a roll before I went on vacation and then it turned into a cold/flu hell week. I am back on track and really looking forward to a free weekend filled with holiday planning! Bring it on!

Oh heck yes!


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I must remember this. Always.

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Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Booo to being sick! At least it's over with for the holiday season, right? I need to start decorating SOON.

    1. Turns out that I have a million Christmas Tree Ornaments - but not much in regards to Christmas Decorations. Hmm --- not quite how I remember it but I guess filling a house vs. a basement suite makes a bit of a difference :)

  2. we're going to decorate this weekend too! although since i want a real tree this year, i might wait for that til next weekend or so... but i have totally brought out the christmas music already and the rest of the decorations are coming out! I also have too many tree ornaments and it takes time (and boxing sales) to accumulate more "house decorations"...

    1. Ha ha - I hear you Sheila :) And of course I went to my mom's to help her set up her tree last night and I came home with an armful of decorations. I don't need a lot but a few special things that only come out once a year make me smile. Enjoy the holidays! Can't wait to see some family pics up on Facebook!


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