Friday, November 30, 2012

been busy

Holy Hannah Montana - I cannot believe that it will be December 1st tomorrow. Where has the week, month, year gone? Craziness! I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been sick, working on a million and one work projects, getting ready for the holidays and dealing with some family stuff. Put those all into a blender and you get one very full plate! 

This weekend I am looking forward to:
  • Having dinner with my in-laws.
  • Drawing names on my hubby's side of the family for Christmas gifts.
  • Doing a little State side shopping.
  • Spending the day Downtown, having dinner somewhere special and see White Christmas.
  • Kicking ass at soccer on Sunday.
  • Praying to Mother Nature for a bit of a break from the rain on Sunday.
  • Setting up our Christmas tree.
What are you up to this weekend?

Just finished listening to this ...
Such ridiculous chick lit but it entertained me from my house to work and back for several days straight so I can't complain too much :)

Just finishing watching this ...
Bad casting (other than JT - you cannot go wrong with JT) but such an interesting concept. What would you do if you only had a day at a time to live and work with?

Have a fantastic weekend friends! 


  1. Enjoy the show! This is the first year in many I'm not going -- a bit sad. And I hope you hit up Vij's and LOVE IT.

    1. It was so good - we really enjoyed it. Didn't make it to Vij's because I didn't really know where anything was and it was pouring so we went to Ebo (which was delicious but costly) - but now I know for next time. Literaly right around the corner :) Thanks for the suggestion!


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