Monday, December 7, 2009

chad's away so jay will ... get down to business!

friday ... Chad was in Kelowna for the weekend visiting friends, drinking and I guess snowboarding :) I got off early on Friday and went and picked up Lexxus from his parent's house - it was for sure going to be a girls only weekend! Went home and made hashbrowns and a sandwich (good old Jay "single days" food). Made a rum and coke and got down to business. Finished a jewelry project I was working on, started working on Christmas cards for a client of mine and finished my Christmas wrapping. In there I watched the new Muppets "Letters to Santa" movie and then Lexxus and I snuggled in for a long winters nap :)
saturday ... Slept in until 9 am!! WOOHOO! Did some running around and then went to the gym. Home for more Christmas cards and then off to my parent's for Chinese food and tree decorating - only I got distracted by looking at old photos so the tree is still not up nor decorated.

sunday ... Another 9 am - woohoo x 2! Off to the gym (game cancelled due to frozen field conditions) and then home for lunch, a nap and more Christmas Cards. Chad came home around 5 and we took the kid (aka Lexxus) home. Grabbed some grub and settled in to watch "A Christmas Story" - a perfect start to the holiday season :)

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