Monday, November 1, 2010

our latest list of movies

Hilarious! Seriously - this movie was funny. I didn't have high hopes since I am not a Russel Brand fan at all but it was funny the whole way through. And it had the 2nd best drug scene in a movie - next to the magic mushroom scene in Knocked Up. A good rental!

LOVED! But mainly just because I am a HUGE Bam Margera fan (huge crush) - not for everyone but Chad and I enjoyed it. Not sure if it would be as good if it wasn't in 3D but it made me laugh. Be warned though - some VERY disturbing and disgusting moments in this movie. But what would you expect from Jackass?!

Poor acting but Predators rock. Period.

I was expecting great things from this movie but the acting was very poor so it just kind of dragged on and was pretty predictable. I would pass if I were you.

So not in love with the new Freddy (but Chad is so don't go with just my vote). Loved this just because it was a Nightmare on Elm Street movie but I like the original ones so much better.